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May 4, 2008
Point Judith Area, RI
Holy S#$t!!!!
I just bought an '85 FJ60...Blue...2F Had it for 2 days.

Cannot believe how much I love her already, I have gotten a lot of comments, and the best is to see the amount of heads that turn driving down the street! It looks even better with a couple of surfboards on the roof.

One of my biggest issues so far is both the 'H-L' indicator gauge and the water temp. gauge in the left hand side of the cluster. Both of them are pegged on zero. My guess would be bad sending units?
Already checked the 7.5A gauge fuses, all good there.

Been checking fluid levels before I start her up - both oil and coolant are perfect.

If it is bad sending units...anyone know where I should buy from?

Thanks for your help,
I wouldn't even bother with trying to get the OEM gauges working. They are notorious for being "off" I would look into after market gauges, at least for the H2O and the oil pressure.

Welcome to the addiction!!

Welcome and here's your salute! :flipoff2:

BTW after market gauges are the way to roll. So where are the pic's of the blue beast?


I think that I am going to go the aftermarket route for my Oil Press.and Water Temp. gauges. Went to my local sauto supplier and loaded up on goodies...two Autometer 'procomp' Oil Press. and Water Temp. gauges.

Troubleshooting according to the FSM showed that the OEM gauges were shot.

I'm sure it's already been discussed....but...the Autometer senders came with hard 1/8" NPT fitting and came supplied with 1/4" NPT adapter.

Any suggestions as to what adapters that I will need....where to tap for DC12V to power the gauges?

I'm the only 17 year old at my school driving a 'Cruiser....drove over the grass at school today - the teacher's were not really that pleased!

As I look out my window...yes I am also in love....but when I go to the gas pump...then not so much
1/8" pipe (NPT) will work, but the true thread pitch is 1/8" BSPT (metric pipe threads)

They do make adapters to convert.

I stole this from a MACE quote so it has to be correct:rolleyes:
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nice truck and nice color.

Yea gas millage sucks unless you can use it twice a week. It is to bad these trucks were any lighter would help with city fuel economy.
I thought i was the only 17 year old on here haha.

They put fences up at my school :( no grass fun for me.
my suggestion is to use copper line for the oil pressure guage, had some leaks with the plastic stuff.

Funny you should mention the gauges...I tried fixing mine today and it's still doing the same thing and that is to not give an accurate reading. And that's with a brand new sender AND having cleaned the contacts inside the gauge cluster.

Anyway, I was hoping to still run the stock gauge but I think I'll just run the aftermarket mechanical water temp gauge.

I've ordered it and it's on it's way.

Here's the one I ordered. I plan on putting it on the door pillar with a gauge pod.

Good luck!

Auto Meter 6131 - Auto Meter Cobalt Gauges - JEGS
As I look out my window...yes I am also in love....but when I go to the gas pump...then not so much

Man you are not wrong. filled up today. 20 gallins = $75

luckily i dont drive it everyday. wive drives a subi and gets aout 28 MPG

Good looking truck and Welcome! Post some pics of the gauges installed, always good to see what others are doing.
klinetime574, I'm 17 too... have an '84 FJ60.

Yeah, I've pretty much just accepted that the price is worth the fun of driving it. And besides, gas prices are on the way down. I'm working on doing Hydrogen(well, brown's gas) injection... and actually getting some success. I'll get back to that when I have more definitive final results/system. -Ted

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