Wanted Louisiana/Southeast - LC100/LX470 - $15k (1 Viewer)

Jan 14, 2020
Baton Rouge, LA
Vehicle Model
  1. 100 Series
Louisiana, United States
Hey all, like the post reads, Im in the market for a LC100/LX470 in Louisiana/Southeast. Not opposed to flying and driving home if the seller is able to provide adequate information/inspection prior to a deposit being placed. I know there are a couple threads recently, but wanted to make my own in case anyone has something fitting the bill that hasnt posted their own thread yet. Would prefer to buy from a Mud member, or at least not have to roll the dice on something from a dealership/craigslist with little information available. Ive currently got a LC 200, and looking to add a 100 to the garage.

Im not particular on color/year/mileage. My main concerns are going to be the obvious rust free (as much as possible), solid maintenance history, good interior/exterior condition. Ive seen some fluctuating around the $15k mark, and thats the top end of my budget at this point... Im not opposed to older/higher mileage if its something under the $15k price point. Like I stated, my main concerns are going to be a clean truck inside and out (within reason obviously), and not needing anything major mechanically. Located in Baton Rouge, LA which means Im hoping to find something within a decent drive back should I do a fly and buy.

Thanks guys!

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