Lots of Parts in Fullerton (OC CA)

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Apr 25, 2007
S.CA - N.OC - Fullerton
United States
I have years of accumulation of Land Cruiser parts and I need to clean some stuff out! 714-738-4875

Please email me direct at propertynoc@yahoo.com thanx!

1974 FJ55 COMPLETE VEHICLE, rusty project that ran but nees some accessories put back on the motor. Great parts car or beater off-road machine, I need $1000 to part with it.
Ramsey 8000lb PTO WINCH: with PTO for 3spd setup and/or Toyota box for 4or3spd
4SPD CONVERSION STUFF: F/2f Bell housing for 4spd trans, clutch, flywheel, fork, hydrolics, drive shafts, etc., most everything you need.
1986 2F SHORT BLOCK: in exelent condition with REBUILDABLE HEAD.
1986 fj60 MOTOR PARTS: smog, intake/ex, carb, dist/ing, a/c bracket with comp, all accessories, ps pump.
STEERING BOXES: late fj40 manual, fj60 power, mini-truck power.
TRANSMISSIONS: fj60 4spd, fj40 4spd, fj40 3spd
DRIVE SHAFTS: various, a couple with CVs, some modified, whatevers there.
RADIATORS: various, fj40/55/60
GAS TANKS: fj40 many different years,
AIR CLEANERS: (2) fj40 2bbl, (1) late model fj40
EXHAUST MANIFOLDS: early f, f 2bbl, 86 2f, f/2f header, early f header,
EXHAUST SYSTEMS: fj40 complete for stock mani, fj40/45 pipes and muffs for fenderwell headers.
TIRE CARIERS: late model tubular, pass side 40, aftermarket +2 cans, needs mods.
HEATERS: (8) 40/45/55 style various years, blower motors, misc.
BODY PARTS: 68-74 w/s frame, fj55 grille, 40/45 fender skirts, 40 trans cover, cross piece for back of late 40 hard top, misc small.
DASH STUFF: late fj40 cluster, fj55 clusters, lots of misc.
CARBURATORS: 86 fj60, various stock, rochester and holley with adapters.
V8 CONVERSION: rear x-member new, bolt in front mount, SB ford adapter for 3spd, chevy adapter for 3spd,
CLUTCHES/FLYWHEELS: various pressure plates and flywheels, 3/4spd/chevy.
OIL COOLERS: HD aftermarket, stock 2f
CHEVY PARTS: (3) HEI distributors, (3) ps pumps, fuel pump, misc. accessories, mallory elec ign dist.
IGNITION: electronic ign conv for f/2f, lots of stock distributors, coils, ignighters, wires, etc,
SHIFTERS: aftermarket auto trans, floor shifter for 3spd.
TRANSFER CASES: dana 20, 3spd housing, 4spd housing.
A/C STUFF: f/2f brackets, Toyota and York compressors.
SMOG: lots of smog from late 70s and 86 fj60
WIPER MOTORS: mid and late style 1/2
MISC: boxes or accessories, brackets, small int/ext pieces/hardware, rubber, wiring, etc. etc.
RIMS: 1980 style stock white rims, need repaint. OTHER: new pressurized sand blaster, engine hoist, BFG 31" "Land Terrain" tires, fj40 core support, new dual battery tray, HD aftermarket oil cooler.
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bump for this guy!

absolutely nice fj45 also. good talking with you the other day. take care

Which drive shafts do you have? Looking for front and rear FJ40 4 speed. Also interested in mounting brackets for york compressor

PMed you about an HEI Dizzy and the 40 Dual Battery Tray.
WIPER MOTORS: mid and late style 1/2

Looking for a late model wiper assy. if you have one. Please let me know. Thanks

Along with the driveshafts, do you have the top loader (shifter) for a 4 speed.


(PM Sent)
do you have fj60 parts:

> manifold gas filter
> vcv valve
> vtv valve

What kind is your 2F header?
Looking for several parts for a 76 fj40. I need a fuel door lock and a wiper motor. Let me know if you have them. Thanks.
$$ for 4 Speed flywheel shipped to 84037?

Still have the PS Pump (FJ60)??? If so, How $$$??
How much$ for the York A/C bracket and the CV drivelines?
man to bad I dont need anything right now. I live in anaheim and never seen parts for fj arould here for sell....

BTW just want to know if you have any fj40 front doors or rear tail gate
pm sent

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