lots of 40 parts, misc years

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Dec 2, 2002
Helena MT
United States
scored a 40 today for parts it was made in May 1971. It's a conglomaration of different years, I'm keeping a few things,like the doors and fenders and axles but everything else is for sale
pair of ambulance doors very little rust, slightly modified $100
late 70's hard top sides w/all glass no rust $100
one bumperette $10
one gas tank no rust $50
pair of hard lines for rear heater $20
one heater core and box $10
late 70's driver side turn signal lense and housing missing one wire $10
two plate adapter GM to 3 speed $25 each
one custom made rear t-case mount $40
windshield frame w/light brackets $50
wiper motor and link $25
one '69 transfer case vacumn shift $150
one '72 transfer case floor shift $200
all switches and knobs
offers on anything I'd like to move this stuff
everything is located in Helena MT I'm working out of town from Sunday evening until Thursday afternoon and will get back to everyone in the order of responces
pics available
I'm interested in the windshield. Is the wiper on top or on the bottom?

Do you have any pics of the heater core and box?


Rob Evans

BTW, what do you mean by slightly modified when referring to the ambulance doors? I may need them too.
I am interested in the Gas tank. What year is it? I need it to fit a 1977.


beanz 2 the wiper motor is on top, I've got two frames one
with a windshield one with out with an e-mail I'll
send you some pics

bryan 71 no motor with the rig, but I've got a spare carb
from a '78

pinion send me your e-mail and I'll send the pics. the amb.
doors were cut with a torch in the lower hinge area
to fit the body, maybe 3/8" cut off the edge

zach 1972 fj40 no seats with the rig

macattak_GA with an e-mail I'll send you the pics,

tonka toy the tub is pretty rough in the rear, probably not
worth saving

thumper same as above send me your e-mail,
Would be interested in the black knobs that hold the windshield up.

David, I have the black knobs for the windshield, there are a couple of teeth marks on them, looks like from a set of pliers.
How about $15. and I'll ship them to you. Paul

You still here? I really am looking to get that turn signal and possibly the heater and box. Also looking for an odd part or two. Let me know!

Bryan-71 sent you a PM

Pinion sent you an e-mail
Thanks! Sent ya one back.
Do you have any of the small dash pad pieces? I need the small one to the right of the steering column. Just wondering. :-/
Hard top sides are sold
Ready for that turn signal, let me know when you are ready to send it.

Pinion sent you a PM
do you still have the windshield, glass, wipers etc...suddenly and quite unintensionally, I am in the market for one.

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