Lost Tire

Jun 24, 2003
Vancouver, Washington
This message goes out to Tony Twiddy . Thank you for finding and returning my lost tire carrier. :cheers: The next day on a run, I picked up a spark plug in my tire. Good thing I had a spare!

Thanks again! Tony it was nice wheeling with you. Look forward to doing it again sometime.

Regards, Scott
Dec 23, 2002
not a problem Scott... glad to help.

actually, we had a lot of fun with that poor old spare tire...

first, we figured it fell off a Jeep because the single tube support (which looked extremely whimpy for that large tire) had snapped the one weld right off....

then we figured we'd put a For Sale sign on it in camp...

then we were going to steal the shovel in order to make sure we passed Tech.

Of course, when you told us how you were viewing your photos trying to figure out where you lost it... that was funny too. 'Its in this photo... it was still here... now its gone'.

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