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Sep 1, 2010
Hi, there are no clubs in Michigan, so since you are close I will follow you guys. I have an 87 60, I will be visiting friends in Elliot Lake next month and I am thinking of driving the cruiser, so if you see a white 60 on 17 or 108 with Michigan plates its me.
dude, just let us know deets of when you get in the area, maybe we can coordinate a little mini meet so you can feel right at home. er wait, just realized where eliot lake is, lol. but, well, if you head south to espanola into manitoulin island, then take the ferry from s.baymouth to tobermory (which is the dive capital of n.america i'm told, crystal clear georgian bay water for wreck dives), then you'll only be a couple of hours from most of us, and not far from crushers. i guess you could make a loop if you had the time and cross back in detroit..
anyway, have a great trip regardless.
Glad to have you Hounds. We have had memders from NY before for the same reason. Like Romey said, if you let us know when your going to be around we'll put something together.

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