lost my turn-signal indicators...

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Apr 10, 2004
san pancho, ca

would like to utilize my brake-warning light, as a single/consolidated turn-signal/flasher indicator.

I believe this would simply require a few 1a diodes?

A diode added to the end of each indicator-wire, before attaching to the warning light...

adding another to the original brake indicator-wire would also be necessary.

anyone ever try this?

I don't know what the wiring on a 72 looks like but it wouldn't work on a 78.
On the 78 the switches for flashers/turn signal indicators are "above" the bulb, while the brake warning light has its switches "below" the bulb. This means that the flashers indicator wouldn't light unless the warning light was on.
how about a later model gauge cluster ?

it shouldn't be too difficult to make the wiring work
Manny, I saw somewhere indicator lites that fit on the mounting srew. IIRC the cluster mounting screw is replaced with an allen head that is gun drilled then a small LED buld rests in the allen head cavity. Can't you hear the flasher ?
I don't mind drilling new holes, just thought the idea of consolidating all indicators into one seemed kinda zen-minimalist :p

Will be picking up some diodes this weekend to try on Monday.

keep you guys posted :)

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