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Sep 21, 2003
My wife drives our 93 as I have a longer commute and use our TDI. So last week I go in for an MRI and drive the cruiser which normally blows hot after just a minute or two. I drove to the hospital and back with nothing but cold air coming out of the heater, front or rear. I got home and popped the hood and the radiator was a little low, but nothing I would normally be worried about. I pulled the hose off the heater valve and nothing came out. I then fiddled withe the valve for a minute and topped off the radiator and started the motor with the hose still removed. coolant started to flow and I put the hose back on and didn't think more of it until I read Idaho's post about his losing heat for a few seconds and now he has a blown head gasket. so, how should i confirm I don't have a blown gasket? The motor has 260K+ miles on it and it would just be my luck to have to rebuild it right now(note- MRI and possible torn ACL and just ahd a baby) Any thoughts?


Oct 24, 2003
Radiator or expansion tank low? How low? When's the last time you checked the coolant level? Was it full then?
Aug 9, 2003
First, be sure all fluids are full. That is the #1 priority above all else and it should not be driven unless this is true.

Once full, you'll be able to see a blown HG that's allowing leakage between the cylinder and coolant if bubbles are going into your overflow tank from the small hose. This will only be accurate once the system has been full and driven several times to complete purging of air pockets in the system (which also causes bubbling into the tank so it can be a false alarm).

You'll be able to see a blown HG that's allowing leakage between the cylinder and the oil system if coolant is present in the oil. Other than sending off a sample to Blackstone, your oil will be a tannish color and/or you might find a creamy deposit on the bottom of the oil filler cap.

If your radiator was low, then the overflow bottle must have been empty. True?

Dec 12, 2005
Had this happen with a non-LC vehicle. Was a temperature sensor problem. The engine temp gauge would show that it had warmed up and then it would bottom out and repeat. Had the coldest five hour ride of my life from northern Wisconsin to Chicago. :eek: Was a cheap and easy fix- the auto shop at my wife's high school did it for around $40. Just my $.02.

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