Ford Lost-F250 flasher

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Dec 13, 2007
With my trailer hooked up my turn signals flash 2-3 times then nothing.

I am unable to locate the flasher unit on this 89. Does it look like a normal round aluminum cylinder?
So nobody has a Ford Truck? Or all Ford trucks but mine have unbreakable flashers?
Hehehe. I don't blame you a'tall.

I was wondering if Haynes was as good for Ford trucks as LC's, that is if it tells me to look under the dash for the flasher I'm better off looking behind a brake lens.
Found it! It was in the last place I looked 'cause I ain't looking no more. Hiding under the trailer brake on the fuse panel. Now I have to think that's probably where they all are on these new fangled vehicles.
There are probably TWO flashers in your Ford. One for the turn signals and a separate one for the hazard lights. IIRC the hazard flasher is mounted on the back of the fuse panel. With both the Fords I tow with all these flashers were replaced with electronic flashers as the stockers can't handle the trailer lights for very long. Burned up the hazard flasher in one trip from PA to IN while towing uphill at 45mph with the 4-ways going... :rolleyes:

Looks like I can use a hole saw to pop a hole in the plastic cover to be able to use a heavy duty turn signal flasher. It will stick down a little bit, but what do I care about looks anyway.

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