Loss of Power / Limp Mode on 1HD-FT

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Aug 5, 2016
Vancouver, Canada
I deleted EGR on my 1HD-FT by removing the entire EGR valve system (leaving the electrical actuators plugged in) and fitting blanking plates. Took the truck for ride and found out that I lost all power, the truck is in limp mode.

When in gear and on an incline, no matter how hard I pressed on the gas pedal, the engine doesn't rev up. On a flat surface, the engine revs up, but extremely slowly. When not in gear (i.e. in P or N), the engine revs up fine as always.

I thought this may be a side effect of leaving the EGR actuators, so I tried both unplugging them and blocking their vacuum outlets, but that made no difference at all.

Thoughts and suggestions?
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Firstly. You need to confirm if your talking about a hd-ft
Or a hd-fte.

Hd-ft is full mechanical injection, so no limp mode.
If hd-ft, has something for the egr blown loose and you're losing exhaust pressure?
Or a inlet hose leading so your losing boost pressure?
You'd probably hear either of these from the cab.

Hd-fte is electronically controlled injection.
I'd start with the same two things.

If you've just changed something, check and recheck everything you've touched recently

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