SOLD Los Angeles 1997 Triple Locked Land Cruiser

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  1. 80 Series
Los Angeles, California United States
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I’ve been the owner of this Land Cruiser for the past 4 years and have driven it regularly across the western US without a single problem. It is a rare and desirable color combination still in great shape for being over 20 years old. This truck is extensively modified down to the smallest detail to make a perfect vehicle for a comfortable drive to your adventure and still have the ability to tackle just about anything and setup the perfect camp when your day is done. There are way too many little details to list here, it’s a must see and drive vehicle.

Asking Price: $35,000


***This is a factory triple locked model***

The truck currently has 267k miles on the odometer. The engine was removed and rebuilt by the previous owner at 248k miles using genuine Toyota parts with receipts from a local Toyota dealership. There was no prior issue, but compression was a bit low and it was decided to just refresh the whole engine. All bearings, rings, seals, etc. were replaced including the oil pump and oil pump gear bushing. The head was resurfaced before reinstallation and the transmission was replaced with a lower mile unit at the same time. A replacement for the “hose from hell” was installed with an easy access “kit” so you’ll never have to deal with this again.

All differential bearings and seals were replaced and recently both front wheel bearings were replaced, all with OEM units. Everything regreased and all fluids changed at the beginning of summer this year.

The truck has also been regeared with 4.88 gears which makes a significant difference in performance with larger tires both on and off road. You can now comfortably cruise on the highway at 75+. An electronic correction box has been put in place to keep the speedo and odometer accurate with any size tires.

Front brakes were converted to an FJ100 setup while also disabling the ABS which provided a significant stopping improvement both on and off-road. All brake lines and electrical systems are still in place in the factory locations to convert back or re-enable ABS without any hassle.

For those longer excursions, an optional auxiliary fuel tank has been mounted in the factory location (out of the way for off-road use) with a secondary filler neck that provides an extra 14 gallons of fuel with the flip of a switch when you’re getting low. The exhaust was rerouted higher and tucked out of the way as well.

The center locking differential button has been installed and is fully functional giving you the ability to lock the center diff at any time. Comes in real handy in the snow or when you just need a little bit extra to get out of a slippery spot.

A locking throttle cable has been installed in-cabin to raise engine RPM for winch operation.

AC blows ice cold, heater works great, and no leaks or issues anywhere. Temperature rock solid even while climbing hills in Death Valley at 120* in the summer!


The truck has a complete 4” lift kit from Slee Offroad including a DC front driveshaft, all new upgraded Slee front steering components, and upgraded rear lower control arms. All bushings were replaced at the same time. It’s a very comfortable ride!

Custom 4x4 Labs front and rear bumpers including undercarriage armor and jacking locations for using a hi-lift jack on the bumpers. White knuckle off-road sliders with grip tape on the sides. Swing out rear tire mount with mounting location for hi-lift jack (included).

Tires are 35” BFGs and still have some good life left in them for another season or two of adventures.


The interior has new leather on all seats and new carpet throughout making everything look practically new. No rips or tears or excessive wear anywhere. LED lighting is present throughout including custom switched lights added in the rear and cargo area for working at night. Several added USB charging ports are in place front, rear, and cargo area as well as standard 12V receptacles. A nice stereo system including upgraded speakers throughout and a tucked away hidden amplifier connected to a subwoofer in back. Everything is controlled by an android enabled large touchscreen head unit in the front which includes custom off-road mapping software and a rear backup camera. A rugged brand shortwave radio is wired up ready to go with an externa antenna mounted near the spare tire, tucked in and out of the way.

The front has a locking Tuffy Box center console replacement which adds a huge amount of secure storage as well as cupholders for both front seats and provides a place to store stuff, locked, away from prying eyes. This was topped with a custom leather armrest that matches the interior.

The cargo area has a custom drawer system made from Baltic birch using ball bearing draw slides. It is sized appropriately with the rear seats so everything folds flat and provides extensive storage to keep most of your gear secure and out of the way. I can fit all my camping gear (tent, bags, pads, chairs, etc) plus spares, tools, fishing rods, etc. with room to spare. The tailgate has also been converted into a custom storage hatch to provide another secure space to keep extra gear and makes a handy flat surface to work on when at the camp site.

An ARB dual air compressor is installed in the cargo area secured and hidden within the drawer system so you can air up after your trip or fill up that air mattress at camp.


The electrical system has been updated with a dual battery setup using an automatic controller and monitored in-cabin by dual voltmeter LEDs. An Auxiliary fuse panel has been installed under the hood for all accessories. Front and roof mounted LED lights installed for finding the perfect camp site at the end of a long day. Additional wiring is tucked away for future accessories and all switches are mounted securely in the dash for a nice clean look.


Absolutely no rust or damage anywhere. All factory panels, no accidents. The fender flares were removed and professionally filled in. Minor scratches in the paint from off-road use, but a good buff gives it an excellent shine! In typical Toyota fashion the clear coat on the roof is faded away, but you can’t tell without climbing on a ladder. The hood has a handful of chips from off-road use and the windshield as well, but no significant damage or cracking. The rest of the body, frame, and associated hardware under the truck is in excellent shape.

This has been an excellent truck that has gone on many adventures and easily navigated the Rubicon, sailed through Moab and everything in between. My wife and I just purchased a house and had our first child, so we’re taking on some new adventures for now and I really want this to be used by someone who will appreciate it as often as possible. It’s been one of my favorite vehicles I’ve ever owned and I know it can be your favorite too.
Jun 11, 2021
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would like to talk to you about the engine rebuild and how it is on road driving. I live in Montana and headed there next week to purchase a LC. I have my eye on a few I have found but this one is by far the best but embarrassed to say may be too much tuck for my needs. I need a daily driver but also a adventure vehicle for hunting and fishing an camping. I dont even know I can get into this or my three kids without a step stool :) If you want we would set up a call. 406-580-5620

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