Loose Shock (video)

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May 15, 2016
Colorado Springs
Anyone recognize or have an idea for what/where this hideous creaking is coming from? I can't figure it out and it sounds every time I go over big enough bumps or cracks in the road. It's painful to even drive with the windows down it sounds like the truck is falling apart when moving.

Take the spare tire out of the truck and try again.
It is not supposed to be moving.
Take the spare tire out of the truck and try again.
It is not supposed to be moving.

The spare is butted up against the frame which moves in relation to the axle as the suspension allows it to.

I would check upper/lower control arm bolts. Only one side moves of the bolt/nut moves. Also check the panhard bolts.
Turns out it's my passenger rear top shock mount is loose. I can't for the life of me get it tighter so I'm going to take it to who put it on originally. They used Bilstein shocks, is there a potential fitment issue with clearance/tightness?
Definitely take to the installer.

That nut is very difficult. Don't tell installer, but some guys cut hole from above to get at it.
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Bilstein shocks are a well known brand, there should not be any fitment issues.
Definitely take to the installer.

That nut is very difficult. Don't tell installer, but some guys cut hole from above to get at it.
So i took it to em today, and I have a very good relationship with them, but they do Mercedes exclusively, they had another shop do this install. Damn. Anyway, the owner ordered a new bushing kit and I told him I would put it on myself- not worth someone else screwing it up more. The problem is, the Bilstein bushing retainers are bigger than OEM I believe. At least on the front shocks, the hole where they rest against the shock tower is bigger than the frame hole. So its not exactly an ideal fit. I fear that is what's happening in the back. I just wish they would have used OEM. I'm debating just putting an OEM shock in and save the hassle.
Make sure that the shock washers are oriented in the correct way. I had a similar situation on my passenger side rear OEM shock. I installed the washers incorrectly. Once I fixed it, no more weird sounds.
I'm about to tear my hair out over this but I am going to try to explain it as thoroughly as possible to see if we can figure it out. So I had a "loose" shock. Well not really. For starters, they're Bilstein Shocks. You can see in the video that regardless of how loose or damn tight the nut is, I can shake the shock back and forth. But what happens when the axle is in the air? Can't move it worth a hoot. The weight of the axle loads the shock mounts. The people who put them on originally ordered more cushions. So I tried both putting another cushion on top and on bottom of the frame. In the video you will notice that there are two below. That nut is as tight as I can get it.

The only two things that I can think of are possible contributors:

1. The shock has lost gas pressure- so it is not providing enough upward force to sit against the frame (when the shock was out I could compress it with my body weight)
2. The shock washers don't fit the frame hole perfectly so there is movement allowed.
3. Combination of both.

Extras: The rear control arms have 208k on them, would that affect it at all?
New sway bar mounts/bushings.

What do you guys think?

Are the metal keeps (washers) Toyota or Bilstein?
Did receptor (Part of the frame) for shock mounts look worn?
Are the metal keeps (washers) worn?
Are the washer and bushings on sung side (DS) in same orientation as your stacking these on PS?
Looks like you've both silver washer on top and both dark on bottom, this may be incorrect orientation IDK.
The washers are Bilstein, from what I can tell neither the washers or the frame receptor looked worn. I can rule out any of those parts because in any orientation I put them in, there is still movement. My guess is the shock itself, and as I was mulling this morning I thought of springs potentially being a problem? Don't know how but just a thought.
Go to the parts store and compare the feel of your shock with a new one off the shelf. Sorry I can't be of much help as I deal with OEM parts 99% of time, and never have dealt with these rears.

One thing I did notice is sound didn't seem to be in step with movement. But as good a video as that is, the movement of the camera is throwing me off. So just not sure.
I've been pondering this this week and I'm wondering about my springs being a possible issue. If they weren't changed, then they are the AHC springs. If that's the case, I don't think they would be strong enough to lift the body off the axle, which is why I can't get the shocks any tighter. I'm thinking this because up front, the torsion bars are pulling down on the control arm/shock, so there's no way for the shock to be able to move. But in the back, if the spring isn't strong enough, it won't be pushing the axle down? I feel like there's no way I should be able to pull the shock out with the axle on the ground. Any of that make sense?
You can easily tell if they are AHC springs as you can pull them out by hand with the vehicle jacked up. I noticed the washers have 3 different size holes, are they on in the correct order? Or are there photo’s generic on there website and they are all the same centers..
Drive up to Slee and go have a beer @ Woody's while they fix it.
On their website it shows 2 silver washers and 2 gold washers, the 2 gold washers have different size holes, big and small. So going by that, I think it should be the shock, then the big hole gold washer facing up, then the cushion, then a silver washer facing down(this looks like it has a shoulder to locate in the frame), then it’s the frame, then silver washer facing up, then the cushion, then the gold small hole washer facing down with the nut on top.

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