Loose linkage? 4-wheel dr. shifter.

Feb 19, 2003
My rig is a '65 fj40, with a 350, automatic trans. and a fj40 transfer case with lockers front and rear. My question is--? How do I get all the play out of the transfercase linkage , I have looked ther is no adjustment on any of the linkage rods. I tried taking some of the play out by inserting washers to shim it up but then it would jump out of high gear. Sometimes I have to crawl under because it gets stuck between gears, between 4-lo, and 4-high and 2-high. It looks as if someone may have lengthened one rod by splicing in a piece to make it longer. In 4-high it has no fore and aft play, but about 4" of side to side play. Each gear has its own ecentrics. What should I do? Buy all new linkage and would this fix the problem? Continue to crawl under vehicle, or new linkage and would this fix the problem? I have to go to bed now, will check messages tomorrow after work. Any and all advice appreciated. KyH
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