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Mar 21, 2005
Central Oregon
All of a sudden my hood does not latch down tightly. Nothing that I can see has shifted. The rubber adjustable post have not moved. If I run them out and tighten up the hood then it sits too high.

I've had this rig since 04 and it just shifted even can see it lifting a little going down the highway.

I need to Pull Down on the hood.

It seems the latch/catch is not vertically adjustable..or is it?
yeah, there is some adjustment on the latch. it might of slipped up. the latch attaches to the "rad support" (left/right) and also attaches to a beam that the grill attaches to (up/down) maybe get a new latch.
Took the latch assembly off, it does not adjust on this 1984 fj60..unless I'm still missing something?
I agree, don’t believe the hood latch has an adjustment. The rubber bumpers, on the cross member, however do adjust.

But, check to see if there is an obstruction causing the hood not to close properly.
nope, no obstruction..and again if I adjust the rubber deals up then the hood sits too high and looks stoopid.

does not seem to be worn either..no big deal so I'll just let it go..
if you push down on your rad support does it move?.. loosen all the bolts on it, the vertical support and latch.. adjust and tighten

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