Looks like the cruiser doesn't like late night wheeling...

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Feb 25, 2007
Colorado m'fing Springs!
because now my center diff lock won't disengage:mad: I've started trouble shooting so far but still nothing and its getting to the point beyond my knowledge.

Im asking here if anybody has any free time this week to give me a hand figuring this out to let me know.:frown:
Do some MUD searches and let's go from there. Hopefully it's not a big deal and we can work it out.
oh i have. ive done the initial tests, fuses are good. Its definitly locked so next is on the the relay. Im going to see if i know how to do this tomorrow.
I don't really know anything about fixing it but if you need a runner to go pick up parts or what not, let me know. I would be happy to help any way I can.

I don't know if you have come across it yet, but I do recall a thread about something like this awhile back. If I remember correctly, it was sometime in December and I believe the person having the problem was from Dallas. That is how I knew what was wrong with Jen's zoo when we were heading back from Padre over New Years. I will try and find it.
Thanks for the links Kelly, ive spent all day on this and those were great finds. I tested the relay, cdl dash switch and both are good. Ive pretty much got it down to the cdl actuator motor.
i called my guy at Red Mccombs just to see if it would be a cheap part to swap and, he said my price was $531!

I sure hope its not the motor but im at a stop until i figure out which is the right harness to test.
Not sure if i got the right one, look at my thread in the 80s forum and see the pic i took. if thats the one then ill do it tomorrow.
Pull the connector right at the motor. There probably are three wires, power, power and ground. Just look in the ecw to check which wire is which, I don't think the fsm has it. That would have been the first thing to check after the fuse.

Driving with the center locked isn't a big deal. Nothing to keep doing but nothing is going to explode or wear out any quicker (leaving the technicalities out). I've been doing it for years with all my trucks once a month to work the 4x4. The owners manuals also tell you to do this and only note that turning will be difficult. It's just like the head gasket bs spread by the web. Yeah I dare you to think my HG will blow. :D
Before spending a lot on parts I'd really consider taking it by the shop up the street from me. If you can't find a cause and are at a dead end, paying them to diagnose the problem will save you some headaches. The name of the shop is "The Dealer Alternative". All they do are Toyota and Lexus and they know a LOT about our trucks. All the people there used to work at either the Toyota or Lexus dealership and they are top notch. They're located off Bitters Rd. just east of US-281. Troubleshooting the problem will probably be one hour of labor but of course, ask first.

If you do need to buy parts, don't buy them locally unless you have too. Universal is still the best local place but they wouldn't order me my starter rebuild kit (I didn't have the part numbers). Not only would CDan sell me one but he also had one on the shelf ready to go out. In addition, CDan quoted me a price of $220 for a new starter unit and Universal wouldn't go below $260.
whats the ecw? id like to to power to the motor directly like you mentioned but need a little walk through.

Brett it will be the last resort before i order a $500 part.
Comeon Josh this isn't a hard problem to track down. First thing you should have done and should still do is turn the key to on (do not start the engine) and press the CDL button. You SHOULD be able to hear the motor turning, even inside the truck. If you hear nothing, then you should haved tracked down the fuses, etc.

ecw or whatever the abreviation is the electrical wiring diagram book. Although if you do pull the connector at the motor, just look at the wire colors. White with a black strip is nearly 99% ground on all Toyotas. If there are 3 pins in the connector ground the white/black pin and jump 12v to one of the other pins. If there is more than 3 wires on the connector read the book.

BTW, isn't there a trouble shooting step by step in the FSM??
It's fixed, im a genius. Dont even ask what happened...:bang:
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I think its time to list the truck for sale. In the battle of wits it has out smarted me yet again...
What? Did you fix it or not? What did you do?

Remember how i told you my dash has been out for about 2 week or so. Well i had wheeled a little and didn't have this problem, but i didn't use Low. So when this happened it didnt dawn on me that the cdl dash dwitch been out had any thing to do with it, well it does.

I'd rather it be my stupidity than the real peoblem and a weeks worth of slavery. Thanks for the help though:cheers:

On a brighter note, UPS brought me a pretty brown box, i wonder what it could be:hillbilly:

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