Looking to hire a motorcycle mechanic

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Jun 3, 2003
Plano Texas
Sorry for the OT thread. I'm looking to hire a motorcycle mechanic with late model Harley training and/or certifications (PHD). We're getting into the riding season and I'm so backlogged that I had to put Randy into servicing the bikes.

If you know of anyone interested, drop me a line. The shop is in Irving, with co-located with RT Customs.
I've changed the oil in my Buell - will that work? :D

I'm glad to see any business busy enough to need more people. Congrats!
I used to make a living as a Harley and Indian mechanic, but I gave that up when the Shovelhead was still the latest and greatest v-twin technology. Still have a flathead to dick around with. :cool:
bumpidy bump. Still looking. Don't need to certified as long as the person have some experience with motorcycles. I put Randy to work as a motorcycle mechanic.

Maybe I should change the name to RT Custom & Cycles :)
I've got experience but could only do a little part time work, and that's depending on the drive.
Mainly weekends. Fri-Mon part time is fine. PM offline. We're in Irving just south of DFW airport.

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