looking to buy/trade 285 or 295 AT tires for my 35's

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Dec 13, 2008
I posted this in the local forum, but figured I might get some response here too.

Checking to see if anyone local is selling a set of 285/75/16 or 295/75/16 AT tires? Looking for BFG AT or Nitto TG AT. Need to have good tread left.

Or if anyone is looking to upgrade to 35's I may be willing to trade my set of 5 315/75/16 Hankook RT03 mud tires (only 4000 miles on the set, 1 tire brand new). Depending on your tires/condition you may have to throw in some cash.

Located in southern CA 90278
try searching in Craig list. I just sold my 285s BFG AT there.

I noticed there are lots of people selling tires there
just a question. why are you looking to trade? i have the hankook 295s mt(maximum traction) and have not been disappointed with them yet. they are as quiet as the bfg at's i had before, and handle well, (so far, as i too have about 4-5k miles on them. they are not a real true mud tire, but more aggresive than at's. just wanted to ask.
im also curious why you want to trade, because I was looking at getting a set of those hankook MTs in 295
nothing wrong with the hankooks. they are great tires, no complaints. I would get them again in a smaller size. i just need the truck to be a little lower (garage). and i'm almost never offroad, so was just gonna go with a AT.
well, if you were closer to phoenix, i would trade ya, tho mine are the same tire, just smaller. good luck.

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