Seeking Employment Looking to barter website development for credit

Feb 25, 2014
Portland, OR
Hey all,

I'm gainfully employed full-time as a Lead Software Engineer at a large well-known footwear and sportswear brand (I had second thoughts about publicly naming my employer, but we can discuss in private), working on the online store. On the side I like doing small projects for cash or trade. I especially like trade as I think it really is the best deal for both parties. Of course, cash works too! I have an '89 HJ61 and would love to trade website work for a company that sells or fabricates 60-series stuff (think bumpers/armor, discontinued parts, rebuilt parts, interior/exterior goodies, etc), provides LandCruiser mechanic service in the NW Oregon/SW Washington area, or general 4WD supply (think tires, air compressors, winches, etc). However, I'm certainly not limited to just those categories and am always excited to work on any project that's not the same thing I work on day-in, day-out.

Let me know if you're in need of some website improvements, or even a website from scratch!

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