Looking for Winch and mount/bumper

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Jul 19, 2012
Hi, I'm new here. I've just bought a 73FJ40 after looking for a long time.
Instead of building up a motor, trans, lift, axles, and wheels first on this build, I'm going for the winch first. Tired of being stuck or hung up wishing I had one!

I wanted to check if your forum may have heard of recent deals on decent setups for a winch & bumper or mount plate package.

I would like a reliable unit, something in the 8000-12000 range.
A used one would be fine if you are upgrading. I really like buying from forum members or sponsors first in order to support the group.

I will purchase the two separately if the deals come up. Cash in hand.

I do four wheel, sometimes hard and the winch will be used so I'm wanting one that is from a reputable company.

I've been a mechanic and built up a few rigs mostly rock crawler and backwoods expedition style stuff through the years but this is my first toyota and I intend to write up the mods and repairs on my FJ40 on this forum to share if you want the boredom. The knowledge base here seems to be the best I've found on the web regarding them.
Welcome! :flipoff2:

Now that that's over with, let's see some pics of your rig....
I like 4+ winch bumpers. PM lcwizard and he'll make you one. For a winch, get yourself a Warn 8274. It's an 8,000 lb winch and it just looks right on the front of a 40.

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welcome :cheers:

and, flip the bezel ;p

X2 on the 4+ bumper

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