Looking for stock 100 series torsion bars/coils and headers in Canada

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Jul 24, 2007
Sudbury Ontario Canada
A friend of mine just picked up an lx470 and is hoping to find a set of stock torsion bars and coils so he can get rid of the ahc junk. He would also consider a mild lift (1.5 - 2").

He is also looking for a set of headers or header recommendations in general.

We are located in Sudbury Ontario and would prefer to find said items in Canada but would be open to shipping from the states all else fails.

Thanks in advance guys!


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Check here. The moderators will likely move this thread out of the tech forum.

Also, see if you can contact some local Toyota groups or indy shops. It's not unlikely someone has a modified truck with stock parts lying around.
Lol, nobody in Canada has 100 series parts. There were about 800 of them sold in the 9 year span. Even the Toyota Canada warehouses don't stock parts for the 100. If you order Arb parts from a Canada site, I guarantee it's coming through from US first.

I can bet your pal will have less headaches maintaining the AHC and keeping it spec with new fluid, $200 king springs, and couple turns on the TB nut, than deleting AHC on something probably nasty and rusty underneath.

Headers, Doug thorley. Everything else won't hold up to Canada weather.

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