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May 9, 2003
Can someone please tell me where I can get a steering arm for my FJ40 beside ordering it from Canada. Iam doing a soa and have a 78 axle under a 72 FJ40. I just want a crossover arm, not the high steer. Ever where I looked ,I have found one for a 79 or newer or truck. I would like to keep what Ive got. I beleave I have the small bolt pattern. Thanks, KS
Check out all pro offroad, thats where I got mine.
Are you talking about the arms that are bolted to the knuckles? I have a set that are off of a 75 and i think they should fit your 78 if it has the small bolt pattern. I'll sell you the pair for 60 plus shipping
He wants a double-arm for cross-over-ish steering...not stock arms.  The only places I have seen them are Aqualu, All-pro, and Marlin...maybe Extreme Gear had them.  Not sure what years and what-not...just call them up and see.  Most of these places started off with stuff for Toy Mini-trucks and with the mini-truck knuckle steering arm bolt pattern being the same as later years LCs, they just started selling the same ones for the later years LC applications.  Anyway, just call them.

Also, the only place I have noticed that for sure sells anything like that for the older LC knuckles is Rockbuggysupply.com.  But it's a complete high-steer setup.  Pretty dern good price on it though....only $100-$150 more than any double-arm I've seen.  Only draw back is it uses GM TREs (if that's really a draw back...).
Thanks, I will call them. Iam looking for crosover a crossover arm not factory. Iam going SOA. Also have a great runing 72 F motor (carb -oil pan) and 3 speed trans for sale. Thanks, KS
aqualu makes a double arm for both bolt size patterns and they are located in canada, eh
I have a set that are bent "up" for an SOA. They came off a friends rig. With the way I set my rig up they didn't have enough clearance for the tie rod over the spring. (I put them on prior to mounting the axle and found out then !!!)
Since then someone had written me and explained to "ream" out the top of the holes and invert the tierod ends, which would have been fine. BUT i had a Hy-steer/crossover fabbed for me. Email me if interested. I'm in WI
Nothing is wrong with buying them from Canada. I was just seeing if someone sold the cheaper.

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