Looking For St. Louis FZJ80 Mechanix

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May 3, 2007
St. Louis, MO
I'm in St. Louis, love my '93 FZJ80 (180,000 mi) but have the infamous front end clicking. Terribly! Nothing Subtle about it.
Crawled under and noticed the right seal may be leaking too (oily [not greasy] around the knuckle). I've neglected the wheel bearings for too long too (60,000 miles). I know, but I've put all my time and money in my wife's Land Rover (feel my pain!).

While I consider myself a minor wrench (brakes, tune, belts, oil etc...) I'm not ready to tackle the front end work. Thought about looking in junk yards for the whole front end, but know that's a bit of a crap shoot. So I'm thinking about sourcing someone knowledgable of the FZJ80 to help do the work.

Also thinking about buying the parts to do the job in advance, but not sure if Birfields, bearings, races and seals are enough to complete the job.

Any advice would be appreciated.
If your not comfortable doing the job yourself, I would continue to search for a wrench who's familiar with these trucks. You may be able to swap the birfs side to side and save yourself a ton. Also, I would highly recomend spending $10 and downloading a service manuel.

Oh, BTW, :flipoff2: Welcome!

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