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Aug 13, 2007
Montgomery, AL
I am working on my 40 today if anyone is interested. Some extra help and moral support would be nice.

I bought a new distributor from Trollhole and I am trying to get this thing running. I should hopefully have it running by this morning. I am hoping to replace my spring bushings and put on greasable pins. It should help with my flex issue since I reused the original bushings when I did my lift and used larger shackle pins. I guess that I got a little anxious to get the lift installed...:D
Damn, just saw this...
BUT, I was wrenching all day myself! Lorena ain't ready, but Catfish is dragging her ass up there! She Dirty.
Seems like I"ve been wrenching all week myself. I think I finally have my F-250 ready to go. All my problems revolved around a second fuel pressure regulator filter element that I did not know exsisted. 2 fuel pumps and a lot of diagnosing I'm ready to go.

I hope you got it going good and to see you there.

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