Looking for someone to refurb climate control

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Aug 11, 2020
Is there anyone on here (or a business someone has used) who will refurb my 1998 LC climate control panel? Basically I need to replace the microswitches and make sure the temperature adjustment knob works. A couple of the commonly used switches are troublesome and need to be pressed numerous times to work. In addition, I only get full hot or full cold temperature based on whatever position the knob was in when the truck was started. I pulled the panel and was going to try to clean the microswitches. I learned on the first one that I will never in my lifetime be able to get that tiny silicon cover back on. And I don't want to attempt to de-solder and re-solder new switches on. Much as I am a DIY guy, I would rather send my panel to someone who has done it before and pay them.
Have you tried tightening the nut that holds the resistor (behind the temperature knob itself)? It's a common problem with the design.
Have you tried tightening the nut that holds the resistor (behind the temperature knob itself)? It's a common problem with the design.
I have not but I will do that. Surprised to hear it's a common problem. I searched and couldn't find anything. Thanks for the reply.
I think its a great idea. One item of concern would be the actual buttons that are used. Most that have soldered new switches have gone from the soft press of the Toyota to a click style. I know when I did mine I purchased some soft press options, but none fit. I am sure an outfit like Tanin could source some OEM style soft click buttons. Would take some legwork to find those if they were desired.
I looked into that guy on eBay and was about to pull the trigger when I saw another post about the soft press switches that you can buy and put the boots on your old switches so I decided to give it one more try and it’s worked great so far!

Was it a pain to put those little boots on? Yes. In fact if the first one had gone like the rest I would have given up. But the first one went on without too much trouble so I knew it was doable. I have clumsy, large hands and I was able to replace four boots in about an hour using small screwdriver and a metal pick from harbor freight. I may have made a small tear in one of the boots but I’m not too worried.

If you are at the point of pulling it to mail it to someone it can’t really hurt to give that a try but I get it. They are a pain!!
Reporting back to the peeps...I used the eBay guy (jakar2511) and, IN THE END, the board was repaired to my satisfaction. New click style microswitches installed as well as new bulbs (though not LED as advertised...he said he has had issues with those and no longer uses them). I said "in the end" because it was a bit of s*** show with forgetting to send me all the parts back and sending me the wrong back board which resulted in nothing working on the climate control and complete frustration on my end trying to figure out what was wrong. I was really at a loss until he shipped me a different back control panel that clearly had a different part number on it and then everything worked perfectly. He clearly mixed up some of my components with those from another model. (At first he didn't ship me any back board which meant I couldn't even install the climate control. So, it took a lot longer to resolve and involved me installing and deinstalling and assembling/disassembling a bunch of times. No credit for my troubles. Maybe shipping him the entire assembled console this wouldn't have happened but I thought I would just ship him just the boards so it fit in a smaller package. And I did check with him first on that and that was actually his recommendation to avoid the console surround getting cracked. Net, net yeah I got what paid for ($280ish) but there was some aggravation that seemed totally unnecessary. I never really got a good explanation for how that all happened but maybe he had a bad day. My advice, if you want to use him message him first and make sure he has his act together before pulling the trigger.
Check my reply on page 4 here. Swapping the rubber 'hats' isn't that hard, and the Overstock switches (from which I stole the 'hat') worked perfectly.


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