Looking for some more info on the 14b

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Jul 16, 2016
Auburn Al
Long story short I'm looking at importing a rig from SA and my contact down there said he has several 14b engines. I was considering bringing one back to put in my 40 but could not find much info on it. Does anyone have one have one in their rig and does it feel power wise? Would there be any interest in these engines if brought a couple extranback with my rig?
Well, if SA, I'd be prepared for all sorts of shennanigans and backyard fixes. You might get lucky, but I'd just expect it and most likely a rebuild soon. (yes I know I'm all sunshine and positivity here)

A 14B is ~98hp/ 177 tq. A little more than a 3B. It's direct injected so it will respond well to a turbo. Same bore 102mm, little longer stroke than a 3B/13BT

Not 100% sure, but parts should be OK to find as they were around until 2001 I believe, found in Hino, Daihatsu and the Bandierante as well until 2001 so you should be able to find a lot for it, plus all the conversion pieces.

As for power, I can't really comment as I have a 13BT. BUT, if you turbo that 14B, it will be very similar. it pushes my 4600lb BJ74 along just fine down the highway with passing power at 65mph.
Good engine. I'd be interested in one if price is right
I'll talk to my contact and see what the price point is along with my stuff... not quite sure on the time frame quite yet though. I'll pm when I have more details.
I had an 89 BJ73 with a 3B block and a 4B head as well as a rotary injection pump. Japan using up parts before switching to 1PZ/1HZ I guess. Had noticeable power increase compared to the 3B I have driven so a full blown 4B would be better still obviously.
I have a new injection pump for the 4B sitting in my garage..
Hey mate, I've got a factory 14BT and can answer any questions you might have. They are a great engine for a four cylinder with plenty of torque. Actually, I think they are perfectly matched with a 40. I can drive at 110 km/h all day without any issues and up to 130 km/h, although that is unnecessary IMO.

Ask away...

So, can you guys confirm you can use a 3B block with 4B head? Cheers

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