Looking for some 55 front springs.

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Oct 19, 2004
United States
in decent shape. Stock height. Please pm if you've got a set.
I can trade for a complete set (4 springs) of ranchos 2" springs for a 40, or $$$ or whatevah.

doh. posted in wrong forum. Anyone know how to move it to wanted parts? I didnt see it as an option in the Thread Tools link above.. thx
yea. I need fronts.
55 front springs have a centered spring pin, and are the same length as 40 front springs. Whereas 40 front springs have an offset pin.

thanks for checking though. :)

dumb question...will FJ60 springs work?

I have a set of OEM FJ60 fronts, very good condition. Lemmeno if they'll work.
thank you. I think front 60 springs are a different width and length than what I am after. thanks though!
I ended up useing both front a rear fj55 springs on the project 40 I'm building.Just had to say that.... Sorry for the bump.
I've got a set you can have for 50 bucks and the ride... Let me know if yer interested.
Dustin, I've got the fronts for you! I don't know what I did with the rears, but the last time somebody asked me to look for them, I came up with fronts only. The trade will work for me. What's your timeframe?

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