Looking for quality transmission repair

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Mar 2, 2015
Minnetrista, MN
Hello All, New to group and a Fj40 owner. Sold the Harley's and on to this!! Exciting!! Pulled the trans, now here is the big question. We need it rebuilt, where to go??? We live outsider of Minneapolis. Does anyone have suggestions? Its a '73, but have no idea the date because all the tags have been painted over.
Yup. Poser (MUD user name)
Yep, you are lucky to live that close.

You can do no better than Poser. A man of his word !

73 would be a three speed, questionable if it's worth rebuilding. You can find these cheap. Pull the top cover and inspect how bad first gear is. The plate on the driver's A pillar had the date stamped into it. If you can't see it a light sanding should expose a build date.
+1 on Poser; he built my H41/Orion combo and it's my favorite upgrade.
Thanks all!! Learning so much. Will call Poser. When removing trans we found under the carpet, which is going, that PO had liner sprayed the trans cover over. Bolts and all. Then cut a a piece of diamond plate put in. Ugh!! Fun new findings!!!
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