Wanted Looking for lexus or lc80 parts

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May 10, 2010
United States
I am looking to update the look of my LC80 .. so here it goes

Fenders Flaresfor all 4 sides including mounts and plastic caps
Running Boards
All body side cladding (both sides)
Rear Bumper and all rear side cladding
Front bumper


LC80 1994 and up
All Fender flares on all 4 sides including mounts and caps
Running Boards (both sides)
Mud Flaps (both sides)
I have the rear body cladding (DS rear and center sections off an LX450) and mudflaps. Let me know if you want them.

Thats all I have left.
I have LX450 running boards (both sides) and the complete rear bumper in the Bay Area, CA. PM me if you're interested.
You might add your location to your ad.

I have my stock Toyota LC running boards - not sure about the Lexus ones, but mine say "TOYOTA" dead center on the running board. Small but noticable. I really don't care to ship plus it would probably be stupid expensive.


I'm in WA
I have the stock LX 450 front bumper and all rear bumper parts.

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