Looking for Late Model 40 Emissions pictures

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Sep 5, 2006
Boulder, Co
Hi Guys and Gals,

I'm restoring an '82 40 and I have spent a lot of time cleaning up some of the PO's hack jobs. One of those is the lack of mounting of any of the smog hardware on the drivers side (left) fender. Anybody got any pics of this stuff mounted? The truck has an aftermarket DS fender with what seems like none of the holes I need for mounting this stuff.

Also, did these trucks have a carb fan? Can somebody snap a pic of how that is mounted if so? I have an extra plug in the harness and it seems like it'd plug into an FJ60 carb fan I have.....

Thanks in advance!
I don't know if this helps you out at all, but I snapped a couple pics of the smog equip on my '82 FJ40.
That's awesome! can you snap a picture of the stuff on that driver's side fender? like from the engine looking out? also of the carb fan a little better so i can see how it's mounted?

Thanks a ton man, I really appreciate it!!
the carb fan is mounted to some structure that is part of the front cowl. IIRC, the FJ60 fan is similar, but the mounting ears are all aranged differently. If you can get a carb fan off a 77-85 FJ40 it should bolt to the weldnuts that are on the body.
Awesome, thanks for the info guys, looks like I am now looking for an FJ40 carb fan.. mine was an FJ60 one that I assumed might fit.

Also need to figure out why I don't have any weld nuts on that left kick panel...

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