Looking for Grey do-it-yourself Bedliner Product in Canada

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Mar 5, 2006
Looking for a bedliner product that i can tint grey or purchase grey to apply to a set of sliders.

anyone know of a good product in canada?
Durabak has a Light Grey or a Dark Grey. I can't remember if I have the Light or Dark????
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That's who I'd recommend. Don't know if they ship to canucks tho. :D
dude i have the same colored truck!... where can i purchase the duraback. spray applied or rolled on?
Here's a link (no affiliation - just a happy customer):

Cote-L Distribution Company

Roll on is the preferred method for Durabak. Devil is in the prep work!!! Several of us have used it on flares and body side molding (like Mark).

My application on the flares is about 2 years old and it's doing great.
Yeah, mine is holding up pretty nice. I did pay extra for the UV coated Durabak. Brent got you the link but I wouldn't hold my breath on a sample. I asked for a sample of the smooth coating in grey and they sent be a sample of green and it was kinda shiny like a green paint sample not a bed liner sample.

But 1 gallon will do 4 coats of the entire bottom just as I did. It is not all that necessary to tape off the door jams it doesn't really seep in and plus I would go into the jams a little ways so they won't peal from your foot getting in and out.


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