looking for frame repair pics and idea's

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Jul 5, 2016
chilliwack bc
Hey im seeking advice. Im in the process of removing the old c channel and replacing with a new one 3/16. And then bolting everything back together. But im thinking of adding c channel all the way to the cross member and bolting it in. Thinking the inner c channel is 3.5" and 5" after the curve. And then boxing it in after with welder. Should i leave the rear open? Or box the whole thing? And would adding bolts to the bigger 5" part, and wheel arch be ok?
What do you guys think? Im thinking of cleaning and coating everything in por 15 before bolting in all the c channel.





frame is toast.
i won't even mess with that with the body on.
mine is in the same shape, i patched it together for a few years when critical areas gave up. starting over with a fresh frame, and moving on from there.
Are you sure its toast? I really don't have the resources to do a frame swap. And ive already dropped the tank and started to remove the rivets.
That frame is on its last leg..... Brian is correct.

I make and sell the rear C-Channel section (90mm, but 3.5" will work in a pinch) and have made longer custom sections for customers. Once you grind away the rust to get to a good weldable base metal you will cut even more out of that frame.

You would be time and money ahead to do a frame swap.

Why bother renewing C-channels...
They were gone for a reason: crappy design.
I preferred boxing it up, no more rust for me the next decades. All seams were welded completely, so no more water in spots where you don't want it.

I kinda have my heart set on making one big c channel halfway up the frame and bolting everything together. Including body mounts and both leaf spring mounts. And then making a new shock mount/bar

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