Wanted Looking for Ford C-4 adapter to 78 FJ 40 T-Case (1 Viewer)

Sep 20, 2005
Monticello, UT
Hello everyone!

I was just putting a feeler out to see if anyone has a Ford C-4 tranny adapter to a Toyota 4 speed transfer case, with or without the tranny. I can not afford to buy a new adapter but I need to do something with my motor. If someone has an adapter for a small block Ford motor, 302, to a Toyota 4 speed tranny they would be interested in parting with I would like to talk to you also.

Thank you so much!


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Mar 14, 2003
i did a C4 swap on a customer's rig. it came in with a t18 trans but he wanted to go to an auto and has been super happy with it.

the 40 belongs to ross aka 'splash" on here. the cruiser was rotw a while ago. do a search and you'll find it. plenty of pics and the cruiser is currently at my shop for some more work. i can post some more pics if that would help.

fwiw, the t18 out of the truck is for sale along with the adapter and complete clutch and resurfaced flywheel if you decide to go with a 4spd instead.

last but not least, pm me for a price on the adapter from AA.;)

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