looking for External voltage regulator for 89' LN106

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Apr 1, 2012
The Kootenays
Have been having some charging problems with a new to me pickup with a 3L diesel which led to the discovering of
a) the voltage regulator is an unmarked unnamed aftermarket solid state unit and,
b) the board was burnt up

Im wondering if anyone in Canada/US has had any luck finding alternative options for a 6-wire voltage regulator in these trucks. obviously there are aftermarket plug and play units, I just cannot seem to find out what they are.

27700-72030 That's the part number for the regulator. Put it into google. Its on many Toyotas inc petrol models
For anyone else that may be after the same in Canada, I have found a direct replacement: Standard VR178. easy to get, good price and 3 year warranty

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