Looking for Cruiser Mechanic in or near Traverse City, MI

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I may have found my guy. Anyone out there ever used Dave's Garage?

Dave's Garage
911 Hastings
Traverse City, MI 49686
Review: Here is a truely top notch one for Michigan, located in Traverse City. Dave is a cruiserhead and has an 80 series and a mint FJ45. He also is the go to guy in the area for Porsches and Audis though is heart is really with Cruisers.
I may end up there eventually. I have 10 acres in Buckley and think about it from time to time.
I could use that information as well, retired last week, heading up to my house on the Boardman River. In my search for FJ40 help in Traverse I saw that Dave's Garage had changed hands recently.
I live in T.C. and my understanding is Dave's Garage is no longer owned by the cruiser guy. I drive by there periodically and have never seen a cruiser there. It does have a very good reputation though. The shop is on Hasting street north of the airport.

I did see a green '79 FJ40 being serviced at this place last summer, it was a very nice high end vehicle being prepped for sale at $39K.
Lakeside Automotive Repair Traverse City, MI

The blue '77 I got through you is sitting in the garage for the winter and I'm doing a few things with it.


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