Looking for advice on purchasing HJ61 Land Cruiser

Sep 21, 2019
New York, NY
Been in love with this model since i saw one here locally for sale. Went to see it but the lift shackles were welded rather than bolted and welds were starting to crack. Been on the lookout for one ever since!
I have a 1984 Toyota Sunrader and 1987 Suzuki Samurai(Both for sale if anyones interested!)
Currently rebuilding samurai engine cleaning up after previous owners bad mechanics. First time but getting through it.
All to say i am more mechanically inclined than most but no master.

Anyways; This will be my first diesel and id like some pointers on what to look for when purchasing a turbo diesel toyota. Common problems? This one is 24V is that a pro or a con? Seller says engine has 110,000 miles which is great but wondering what might need replacing from sitting. these are all questions off the top of my head. If you have any info to offer at all Id appreciate it greatly!
Looking forward to your responses. Thanks! Info below

LAND CRUISER, DIESEL, RH DRIVE, 5-speed manual, 24-volt This vehicle is not perfect but it is terrific! The Good: Very capable 4WD Five passengers in comfort High roof option (more headroom) Sunroof PTO winch on front, strong enough to lift a truck! Two brand new batteries Great tires Unbreakable--the diesel engine is described as "bullet-proof" and the vehicle is built like a tank. Use this for safaris! The Bad: Some dings but nothing major The carpeting is not anywhere near perfect - some tears in the back Windows need lube--they're slow The radio looks good but doesn't work. Probably the missing antenna. Needs an AC belt which I can give you. other minor things The Ugly: One side has a red decal, the other is just paint. Both sides look good (and nobody can see both sides at once). I have two, and I don't need two. I'm keeping the best (the automatic) and selling this one. Make an offer, but please don't waste either of our time with silly offers.
Sep 30, 2014
Check the sunroof and roof areas for rust, it’s extremely common and expensive if you’re paying for someone to fix it.

If you’re serious about purchasing I would look at doing a compression check, check the oil pressure with a mechanical gauge. Should be a very small puff of black smoke on startup (clears within a few seconds), if there’s constant smoke (white grey or black) you’ll have bigger issues.

Never trust an odometer reading and be prepared to spend money baselining the vehicle. Having said that, anyone with reasonable mechanical skills should be able to do the majority of the work and if you fix most things you’ll have the truck last another 20-30 years (assuming the roof doesn’t rust away)


Jul 22, 2003
Perth Western Australia
Generally speaking, if the engine starts from cold and runs smooth with minimal smoke that clears fast, then its good. Cold start means that it hasnt been started at all for 12 hours or more.
If that's rust in the roof (maybe its leaves) I would thinking long and hard.
24v is supposed to better for starting in arctic like conditions. It can be a pain locating 24v parts
JDM vehicles have a history of altered milage.
May 11, 2014
Be prepared to replace a lot of seals and gaskets if it has been sitting for a while. I have been chasing dry rotted gaskets in my HJ61 for years!
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