Looking for advice for my next mods.

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Feb 6, 2005
I have some budget available for my next mods ... around $1000. Take a look at my sig or my ROTW for my current set-up.

Any ideas ... What should my next steps be?


I will have separate budget this summer for some necessary PM.
Gotta say go for the fridge and dual batteries. Best aftermarket performance modification you can make.:flipoff2::cheers:
Skid plates, they pay for themselves.
skid plate, ARB bull bar and lights.....the bull bar is good urban insurance as well.
dude, protect that front end, ARB front bumper for sure.....................
If you have $1000, you can get Slee's skid plate, a fridge and Slee's fridge slider.
Well, maybe just a tad over $1000.

The front bumper can wait until you save another bit. Besides, I would do the rear first. That's were you are more likely to see damage.
But the fridge is something you'll enjoy every day. And if you use it everyday, it pays for it self quickly.

I'm running it with a single battery. I'm using a deep cycle battery Optima Yellow Top. That way if I kill it over and over again, it won't damage the battery. BTW, I've never had to jump start La Cabra with this setup.


Fridge is a great mod. However you need to consider how much you will it will be used. I would suggest the ARB or rear bumper if the fridge isn't going to be frequently used. Just 02.
Id say F the rear bumper. If people hit you it's on them. If you hit someone its your arse. :crybaby: So...the front bumper is better protection for city driving, and the rear is better for the trails.
ARB Bullbar.

I heard this fact on the local news a few months back:
In the state of Michigan, the number of deer struck by vehicles is so high that it averages out to one every 8 minutes all year long. I like the looks and features of some of the other bumpers out there, but for protection from deer it's hard to beat the ARB offering. The fact that it has proven itself in fenderbenders as well is icing on the cake.
I say ARB up front and have it powdercoaded to match your two tone. I remember seeing your rig at CMCC and I loved that color. Just my .02

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