looking for a winch mount plate

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Jan 30, 2010
SK Canada
I want to build a bumper for my 62 and wanted to start it off with a winch mount between the front frame rails along with at least 3/4 inch d ring mounts bolted to the frame that will go through the bumper. I don't have a winch yet to template a mounting bracket or know how high the fairlead/hawse mount should be placed above the mount plate. does anyone know where to buy one, have a template I could use or can direct me to a thread with this info? I tried searching and couldn't find the info. thanks
If you are interested in a Warn winch, their website will give you all the required specs for mounting for any of the winches they sell. Look up the winch you are interested in, look at the 'specs' and it will tell you. Most winch feet bolt locations are standard. On other words, the same bolt pattern for mounting is the same for several models. You want to be sure that the mounting is feet down or forward. A Warn 8274 mounts with the bolts forward, most planetary models mount bolts down. I only know about Warn.
90fj do you know if the warn bolt patterns match? im in Canada so I can't just spin to a local store and check one out. the price seems to be really good right now though.
The actual feet-down mounting style bolt pattern is standardized... 4.5x10" but the winch's physical dimensions may dictate spacing from the grill or certain bumper designs. It wouldn't be a bad idea to wait until you have the winch on-hand before designing your bumper unless you are unless you are comfortable working around virtual dimensions (CAD and the like).

I got a sweet one from Midnight 4x4 here in Utah. Bent and predrilled. Used it on my 40 bumper project.


Good stuff great prices Randy usually answers the phone!
The HF one fits warn winches just fine (cept for the over 10K winches and the 8274 front mount style)
It's been years now, but I got a Jeep ( I think for a YJ) winch base plate off Craigslist, had to trim it on each side a bit to fit between the 60 frame rails, then re drill the frame mounting holes, but it worked extremely well. I also connected it to the front cross member. Now it hides a 10,500lb milemarker hydraulic, out of sight behind my old alloy Aussie bull bar.
Just make sure you get a base plate that's more than long enough to reach both frame rails, then you can trim and grind to fit
Got some shots for you. As you can see, down between the frame rails you can tuck it in nice and tight, then bolt (gr 8) or weld away. I found better to bolt, you may have to remove it someday...
Excuse the debris, its honest logging road residue ;)
Hope it helps/inspires you!






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