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Aug 14, 2005

I have a question to ask you diesel gurus. Sorry it is not a LandCruiser related one.

I have a friend with a 44" modified Nissan patrol with the famous underpowered 3 liter diesel engine and automatic gearbox.
Here in Iceland the 4,2 liter engine was never a option from the dealer. A few of these engines (or wrecked trucks) have been imported and installed. I think some of them came from Australia and some of them from UK.

This friend of mine is thinking about going the same route. Find a engine, import it and install it in his rig. But he would like to get a rebuilt engine, even a rebuilt engine with some after market mods and tunings. More power is always better.. right??

So my question is, can you guys direct me to some diesel rebuilders or tuners that might have a engine for us? Please post links or any more infos if you have them.

Jan 13, 2011
Tell him not to ;)
A friend of mine is in the process right now, skipping his ZD30"grenade" engine for an old 4,2 with aftermarket turbo.
It has taken whole winter and there are still a lot of issues to solve.
Might as well get a good modern cruiser or hi-lux engine instead of a 25+year old design, the work involved are the same.

My friend who is doing the conversion now are anxious to get finish by July because his summer vacation goes to Iceland.
I bet he will be willing to meet your guys somewhere to share experiences. (allthough his Y61 is only running 35")

BTW: first 4,2 engine he got was in need of a complete rebuild. The engine builder quoted him 18.000 DKK (3400 US$) for parts. Labor on top of that. And it wasn't even performance parts so tuning would be pretty expensive.
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