Wanted Looking for a hardtop

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Jun 12, 2005
Saginaw, MI
United States
I have a 75 and earlier hardtop on my 1977 FJ40. I'm looking for a 77 or later with the pop out windows. I am in the process of restoring it and would like the top that goes with it. I would be willing to trade for my earlier top - its in excellent condition and I would be looking for the same in a trade.
Check with mtrdud322@aol.com He is thinking of selling some parts off of his 79. I am probably going to get the Windshield frame and some other parts. He said that his ambulance doors were not in good shape, but it's worth a try.
Check my URL at the bottom- I have an 1980 with all doors, extra doors and hardware. I am actually headed to Denver in 2 weeks, BTW.

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