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looking for a garage in toronto that does work on land cruiser's. I imported one from Florida and its coming up in 2 weeks. I'm actually located in Brampton,Ont and am looking for a good garage that does high-quality work at fair prices....any cruiser specific shops near TO .
Mar 27, 2003
Amiggaa (or something similar to that) is from TO, as well as another guy cdncruiser ?who may have changed his handle recently :confused:

Anyway, when I imported mine, I took it to Performance Lexus Toyota in St Kitts. (1 hr south of you). I imported thru the Peace Bridge, snd stayed in SC for a while, so I had my daylight running lights put on there, and such. Any canadian tire will do the federal inspection. The mechanic that worked on my 80 has 25+ yrs experience, and I've bought 3 toyotas off that lot.


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