Wanted Looking for a fj55

United States
Decided to sell the Jeep and start a new project. Looking to do 37's and a coil conversion. Don't want anything to nice, would hate to ruin it. Don't need an engine, going to do a diesel. Hopefully something on the east coast otherwise it will have to roll to get it shipped. What have you got? Anybody want to sell a completed rig?

Jun 5, 2005
Madison NC
no no no buy this one :D

NC seems to be having a thinning of the swine population going on ???

Seans is very nice above but such a nice complete package. I looked at it when Brian sold it and will vouch for the quality. But if your yanking the motor and going big to wheel the wee outta it I can make you a deal on SOA chasis/cab with armor and no drivetrain. Near Greensboro NC I-40 and I-85 intersection.
Jun 7, 2011
How about this one? My engine is jsut running a little hot right now....but since you dont need the engine......


Thanks! .... looks like a possibility. The more I look for the right pig my focus seems to be changing. I could see myself pouring a bunch of $$ in to one and using for a dd. For the life of me I cannot understand how these are not more popular. Maybe I need more than one? oh god, I think I may have caught the sickness!

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