Looking for a bit of advice FZJ80

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Apr 2, 2010
Good Evening Mud,

I have been out of the cruiser world for a few years (I had to sell my 1993 a few years back to help put a down payment on our house). Fortunately I am now in a position to acquire another 80 series. I have the opportunity to purchase a factory locked 1997 in moonglow pearl with grey interior from the original owner. This rig is currently unlisted and is being offered to me by a close friend (his dad is the seller) The seller is asking $5500 or best offer. Given that I’ve been out of the game for awhile; is this a reasonable price? Keep in mind this is an Oregon truck, garage kept, no rust, complete maintenance records, 215,000 miles. I also still haven’t seen the rig in person or driven it; that is scheduled for this weekend. I’d appreciate input from the experts. It’s good to be back!
Jump on it or else give me their contact info.

From where i live, absolutely. No rust is king
Good price. Picky items based on pics that won’t make me change my mind:

Dash cracked? Covered.

Radiator top looks ready to bust

Original head gasket?

Lockers actually work?
Sounds like a very solid deal but still offer less. You never know.
Buy it
With the market where it is today you won’t do any better

Yes it needs a radiator and likely all the usual PM but for that price you can’t go wrong

Or if you want buy it and
I will give you $500 above the price and pay to ship It to me.

Locked and with those miles make it an awesome deal. No brainer
I paid $5000 one year ago for a clean lady driven unmolested unlocked zero rust 1997 FZJ80 with similar miles. The 80 above looks like a good deal unless it has some major hidden issues.

Buy it or we will.
As others have mentioned about rust. But if not, you’d be stupid not to buy it at that price, unless it is tore up inside or motor is buggered
It's a GO
Buy it !!
May be the first time I've ever seen a "buy" consensus on here.
Wow, overwhelming yes! Thank you for the responses. I am looking at it sometime this weekend, I’ll keep you all posted.
Wow, overwhelming yes! Thank you for the responses. I am looking at it sometime this weekend, I’ll keep you all posted.
Looks like a solid deal!
If you don't snag it for any reason, i'm down in Oregon often and wouldn't mind picking it up!
Of course the seller ended up having to cancel for this weekend. The wait is killing me.
If you pass for any reason, let us know. I'd like to have it as a 'twin' to mine.

Moonglow Pearl is a stupid color. I hate it! You'll never look as pretty as my white LX450 :princess:
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