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Next summer my friend and will be traveling from NC to Alaska to work for the summer. we are both college students and therefor dont have TONS of cash. I would love to take my cruiser but it is so unpractical. Gas milliage really counts when one is traveling 5000 miles. We would love to find one of those 4 wheel drive 5 speed toyota vans that were made in the 80's. If not 4 wheel drive at least a 5 speed. Cruise control would be wonderful. We would like to kind of turn it into a little camper kinda thing. I havent been able to find too much info on these things. I know they do exist but the 4 wheel drive 5 speeds are hard to find. I found only one on autotrader (no distance restrictions). the thing had 275K on it and was rusted away. maybe someone could help me out? if not with the car maybe a little info on them.


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Jul 30, 2003
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I have seen some prePrevia here in Houston that are for sale. I don't know if you are willing to travel here to see/pick up. I did see one 4wd about 3 months ago. I currently own one myself not 4wd though.

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