looking for 40 ?

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Feb 27, 2005
Any one have a 40 they might want to get rid of.I have been think of getting one and to fix up for wheeling.
I know where there is one that is pretty rough the guy wants 1,800.00 for it. It would be alot of work to get it in shape. He has a hard top and some other stuff that goes with it. It has been sitting for a long time with no exhaust manifold on it.
Larry get a hold of Tim Bridges in our club, he said something about Rod in Bloomington was thinking about selling his 40. It is set up and ready to go, if I remember correctly it is set up about like Richards.
I was hoping to keep that one a secret until after I get my taxes filed, I may get it if he still has it.
Ok thanks for the info.I will check.
Well I got my taxes filed today and the wife is going to let me spend the money so I am going to look at Andy's 40 tommorrow. I guess the 80 won't be getting anything done to it for a while.
that could be good I need to get mine filed my self.I wasn't able to get in touch with Rod.
I have found my 40 series I will be picking it up in a week or two, soon as the tax check is direct deposited.
It'll be at attica in april actually I'll probably have to make a trip before then.

Here's a pic, note my wife is standing on the other side and she is about 5'2".
congats Chad, That is a very sweet ride, and very capable I wheeled with him down here in southern Indiana with him and he handeled most anything with ease.
Thanks zebrabeefj40 it is out of my price range I my have to give up on the 40 I don't know?
Whats your budget? Any particulars you "gotta have"? I'm heading out to CT in the next month or so and probably could tow something back if you find something out that direction.


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