Looking at this '89 FJ62

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Mar 24, 2013
[URL="http://www.tacomaworld.com/gallery/data/500/medium/liveX79mcJ.jpg"][URL="http://www.tacomaworld.com/gallery/data/500/medium/liveX79mcJ.jpg"][URL="http://www.tacomaworld.com/gallery/data/500/medium/liveX79mcJ.jpg"] [/URL][/URL][/URL]

1989 167,000 miles
4" OME
ARB bumper and body armor
locked front and rear with ARB
Warn winch

It's from Florida and the frame is spotless. The only rust I can find is the typical roof rust above the rails which the owner riveted diamond plate over. The interior is complete and in good shape and every option it has is in working condition.

It's good and dented up but not destroyed.

The owner says the tranny is a little funny when you kick it down to passing gear.

He is asking for offers, anybody with an idea on what I should offer him.

I currently own an '84 FJ60 which I love the round headlights and manual tranny.

My future plans for the 62 would be manual tranny conversion and either changing the headlights to the FJ60 style or going something completely crazy and doing small quad round headlights like an old '77 celica I had or doing single large headlights, who knows.
Well, it certainly is..............red.
I'd be pretty concerned about any rig where the PO 'fixed' the rust by riveting over it with diamond plate. Sounds like it needs a tranny rebuild, and a cooler added if you're going to keep the auto.
Any undercarriage pics? Interior?
Hi, In our area , roof rust is not typical or cheap to fix. Mike
Hi, In our area , roof rust is not typical or cheap to fix. Mike

LOL- Well, in Florida, roof rust (or any rust for that matter), is very "typical.":frown: Still not usually cheap to fix I guess?

I was quoted around $400.00 to fix mine, and that sounded more than reasonable. Guess we'll see.

Back to this one.
If the motor checks out (compression, etc.), and the interior is good (damned near perfect), and if there's no other rust, I'd probably offer him 2k (tops) for it, if he'd promise to take that plumbing off the sides:rolleyes:
I dig the body colored bumper.. different than most you see these days. The side protection is quite interesting too.

For a funny tranny, you could be looking at $2k for a rebuild. But a Rodney flush might take care of it too. Or kickdown cable adjustment.. all searchable in this forum.

Easier to buy a 60 and convert to an H55 than a 62, but you get EFI with the 62.. so it depends on your plans. You also get 60 series headlights with a ... wait for it... 60. Seems like getting a cheaper 60 and building it to your tastes would be more efficient? A lift and a bullbar, sliders and funky front fender bars if you are into that.

ARB locked, lifted, snorkel, winch, armor all around.. that is worth at least 6k if it isn't trashed. The PO roof fix doesn't bode well.

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