Looking at LX470 - thoughts on year and price?

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Nov 12, 2013
Hey folks!

So, the fiance's dream vehicle is an LX470 and her current DD is dying a slow death. I have been watching the market, reading up, here, Slee, etc. and am starting to narrow things down.

I have been into older Cruiser's for awhile, been a mechanic for 20 plus years, so I know all the mechanical/body stuff to look for.

With all that being said, the only two stock colors she likes are the dark grey and the light blue (colors matter to girls of course!)

I would love to find a high mile, well maintained rig that we can build (she wheels too, we currently rock a 60) for cheap, but the right one hasn't presented itself.

I think she would like any of them, but of course the 2003-newer has a special appeal with the updated dash and such.

However, I have recently sourced a 2002 locally, in the right color, with only 109,000 on the ticker. It is on a dealer lot, but it is a dealer I know and somewhat trust. The truck looks brand new inside and out, and he is asking about 12k for it. I am kind of torn on this price. Of course I have no vehicle history being a dealer, but it is low mile for the rig and year, and this thing seems perfect in every way.

So, what would you do?

1. Grab the 12k "low mile" 2002
2. Hold out for an 03-newer
3. Hold out for cheap high miler
if no rust, the 12k cruiser is priced "Fair" based on miles. actually, 11k is probably more in line. I bought an 01 with 175k miles for $7300 bucks on MUD with new BFG rubber and already baselined.
If it’s a rust free truck with up to date maintenance (timing belt, fluids, etc) I think it’s a fair price. But miles on these rigs tend to matter less if it has lived a life of poor maintenance and neglect. They can become very expensive to baseline.

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