Looking at another 40.

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Oct 7, 2005
Columbia, SC
Do to the fact that my rig is still not finished after almost 5 years, and me now living in Charleston watching all these rigs drive around and seeing you guys having fun yours is making me want to just go buy one. I am looking at a nice ready to go FJ40 with both tops, lifted with 35's with factory PS and A/C. The deal is so great that I figured I could buy it, drive it, and when my rig is finished sell and get my money back. Or if the economy bounces back by then I know I could make some money on it. The guy just reduced it by $2500 and is selling for what he paid for it 1 year ago before he put a soft top with it and a rear tire carrier, etc. Over $2000 worth of stuff.

Here is a teaser.

Too be continued....

The future car salesman in me "pleas the fifth". Let's just say that it is less than NADA classic price for the "average" and they don't even add on for the PS, A/C, and of course the extra top or rear bumper. All in all if it is as good running and looking as he says it is, I will probably get it.

I have already secured the money with the bank. I could pay cash, but with this economy, and it only costing about $30 a month in interest I would rather use the banks money instead of mine. You never know what may happen and would rather hold onto my cash.

Yes, I did get your PM. Thank you very much. I will settle up with David by wed.

ok...I'm not worried about that - Can you get that measurement for me? Windshield frame to rollbar centerline? BBQBOY and mine are within an inch - If you get a chance to measure yours I'd appreciate it....
I actually don't have my rollbar on right now. I took it off to paint it. I don't think it will be a problem as it is just a stock roll bar. If it doesn't fit I will just pass it on to another LC member that could use it.

I'll PM you the info on the rig.

What do you guys think? I will tell you what I have found out so far. She is not truely an original. The rear fenders are cut with the SOR larger fender flares installed. She has had a new body installed, either from a donor or purchased.:meh: There is some rust starting at the seam where the grafted them, along with some on th einside rear fender wells. Nothing is through the paint. However the paint looks fairly fresh so there coul dbe potential rust underneath that may pop up later. As you can see the interior is not original. The seats are nice leatehr aftermarket. Also the interior was rhino'd at some point.

Given there are a lot of unknowns with it, what is known is it is complete, nice and very capable as a daily driver. It has dual tops, a lift, nice tires, center console, rear tire carrier and did I mention Factory PS, and A/C!

The bottom line is I am having second thoughts about it. I definately know purchasing this will prolong my truck even longer. But I will have 2 cruisers and one will be able to be driven daily if need be. Realistically I can have rig finished by Sept. I am starting to think that is the best thing to do. I need you guys oppinions.

I was all buzzed up coffee this morning ready to pull the trigger. And over lunch I had a clarifying moment.

The deets:

He was asking $11,000. He paid $8,000 in Colorado last year. Just moved to Ft. Bragg, and now needs it gone. He went from a 6 mile commute to a 23 mile one. He can't sell his house in Colorado and has dropped the price to $8,000.

Since he got it, he put on the rear tire carrier from SOR, $1500, and the BestTop softop, $1100.

I was going to offer him $7500, and maybe take the top/tire carrier off later. Then try to sell it in a year or so for $6,000.

3F? Miles? What it all boils down to are you financially secure to make this purchase? Looks good though. I would offer him $7,000
The odo stopped at 92,000. I would definately be doing a comp. and leak down test before I purchased. That would give me an accurate condition of the motor. It is a 2F, in 79 the FJ's got all the same type equipment that the FJ60's got. So it has the same 2f, tranny/transfer and PS and A/C as the FJ60's.

Well, I am not rolling in the dough, and I don't have this much money just sitting there wondering where I could spend it. But I have a good job, and so far have not had to alter my lifestyle at all throughout this whole economic downturn. We have always lived conservative by choice, therefore no financial change has been needed. I don't believe in credit card debt, and don't buy something unless I either have the cash to buy it, or could pay it off with savings if need be.

However, this is starting to turn into an impulse buy. Which I despise, and the more I think about it I should just get my truck on the road and enjoy it ASAP. He sent me about 30 pics, and the rig is awesome. I have a few concerns about some rust under the body though. It's looks kind of like yours Mike, right around the body mounts. I don't know what you paid for yours, but consider it looks a lot like your rig. Cut fenders, rust at body mounts. However this has 2 tops, a nice carrier and PS & A/C. Would you have bought this rig for $8000 over yours?

This is going to sound cliche but good things come to those who wait..sounds like too many unknowns like u said plus if you buy it and you might spend more time and money in this keepin up on it then the one ur redoing now..maybe at our next HAMON you can bring ur rig and we can pitch in and help things move along a lil faster..
Yes, the one in GA? It is really nice for $10k. Mine is in alot better shape than this one. Mine is all orginal, zero rust, SOA susp., 30 spline chromo's, locked, V8 (soon), etc. I know my rig, and wouldn't trade it for 99% of the rigs for sale right now. This was just going to be a temp. fix, as in drug type fix, and a weekend beach rig if I kept it. I have decided to pass because there are many other equally classy rigs available in this economic time and I do not have to buy. I can just get mine finished and be happy.

My rig is not in any shape to be brought 100 miles to a HAMOM. It is engineless with no seats. I appreciate the offer though. I will get it done, I may hit OCD up for some weld time if he wants some extra money. Otherwise I can borrow a welder and get her finished.

If anyone else is interested in this rig, I have lots of pics I can send you.

I would have enough to keep you busy on my own. Seat brackets, rear track bar, frame to roll bar tie ins, crossbar for seat belts, and a MT front stinger.

If you guys want to do one at my house let me know. Or once I get the engine in I could trailer it to Charleston and get the seats mounted at the next HAMOM. The engine should be complete and running within the next month.

looks like a decent rig but two 40s would be a lot of work. I say dump all your time/money into your current one and get it ready to go sooner.

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