Looking at an 80

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Dec 7, 2002
I have an appointment to look at a 1993 FJ80 and would like to get an idea of the most common things that could be trouble. (timing belt?). THe guy says it is in great condition and he has maintained it on schedule. But I am clueless on this model. Also, what kind of mileage can I expect?
No timing belt, it's a chain and usually not a problem. You can expect 12-16 mpg depending on a wide range of factors - tire size, vehicle condition, modifications, driving habits, etc. Check out the FAQ section on this board and the newbie guide at
scratch timing belt off your list. it's a timing chain.
Check the newbie guide, the FAQ and search along the same lines as your question...you'll find many answers to your questions.
Also only 91-92's are fj80s. What are the miles? How many owners? what part pf the country? Price?
Many people seem to think there is a timing belt on the 80's.

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