Looking at a 2006 with some rust, newbie questions

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Nov 2, 2017
been doing a lot of browsing on the forum about corroseal, cor15 and fluid film after coming across this 4runner for sale. 2006 limited v6 4wd with 150k.

I was checking out the Toyota service history and found the previous owners contact info so was able to get some history. First 30k miles in the Ny/NJ area and then from 30k to 150k in Richmond. He said he traded it because he was concerned with the rust starting to form but otherwise a great truck, no issues.

Attached some photos I had the dealer send me, it’s 4 hours away. Had a friend check the pics and he said it was more rust than he liked but looked to be surface rust. Waiting on pics of the engine bay to see if there’s any rust.

I wanted to get some opinions from the forum about whether this looks bad enough that I should walk away, or perhaps it could be grinded/treated/coated and this car would have a nice long life. I’m in coastal NC. I’ve been looking for a 4g 4runner or 100 series so I can take my kids out on the beach!



Just asked for more photos. However they did send some engine bay photos and it looks pretty bad. I will probably just keep looking for a car that never lived in the rust belt. I feel like I would always question it.

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