looking at 2001 taco dbl cab 4x4, how much $$

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Mar 30, 2007
Looking, for a friend, at a 2001 double cab Taco, SR5, 4x4 with 98K. looks like it has never been off road, clean, etc. KBB is $9,500 - the sticker (used car lot) is $11,000.

Is $10K too much? any help is appreciated. Thx!:hillbilly:
Is it a TRD? Either way, if it is clean (and verified with CarFax) and 100% stock, then I'd say $10k is a good price. Even $11k is not bad at all, either.
TRD yes - but it needs the timing belt done (i'll help him with that) so I thought the belt would be worth asking $1000 less than the $11K sticker.
Belt should not be a big deal at this point. Yes, Toyota dealerships recommend the change at 90k, and if you have the time or money, you should do it. For me personally, I am waiting for the water pump to go before changing the belt, or until I get to 150k. I am at 117k miles right now. The belt still looks GREAT. Water pump seems fine, too. Again, do this at your own risk!

But yeah, you should offer at least $10k or better yet, $10k OTD (Tax, Title, License included). I always ask for the OTD price, since the dealerships can often "quote" you a price, then tack on additional fees.

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